Private Photographic Sessions

I would be happy to discuss providing private photographic sessions with you.  We can work together to produce personal and intimate images in a private and secure setting at your home or mine.  Please contact me so we can discuss further. 

Model portfolio Images

If you are a model or want to be one, I work with many different models producing images such as you see on this website.   My work is not the typical fashion photography style, but it can add a very different classical fine art type of look to your portfolio.  Please contact me for more information.

Dan Dozer

Prints / Mounting

Silver prints are printed on high quality photographic paper (typically Ilford or Bergger) and processed to archival standards.  Platinum/Palladium and Cyanotype prints are hand printed on high quality print paper (such as Bergger COT 320).  All images are mounted on museum type mounting board.  Matt sizes are typically standard sizes at discount framing shops (like Aaron Brothers) so custom framing isn't required.  Frames and shipping costs are not included in the prices listed below.  I can provide frames for prints at an additional cost.

Purchasing Prints

Because of the different processes that I use, prices can vary on my prints.  Please Contact me for price options.

Please note that Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium prints are contact printed meaning the negatives are the same sizes as the final print image.  Therefore, not all sizes are available for these type of prints.  It is possible for me to get digitally made enlargements of negatives to make larger Cyanotype and Platinum/Palladium prints.  If this is desired, please contact me to discuss issues and costs. 

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